Shining a Light: It’s Not Us Vs. Them

crossing the thin blue line shieldLet me start off by saying that my name is not Ray Isaac.  In my line of work, speaking against the establishment is severely frowned upon.  If my employers were to find out who I am, they may fire me.  If other cops were to find out who I am, there may be worse repercussions.  I’ve been a federal police officer for almost 12 years and have been an instructor within my agency for 10 of those years.  I teach several classes, but I cut my teeth teaching Defensive Tactics.  “Defensive Tactics” is PC cop-speak for teaching officers how to defend themselves and make arrests.  In splitting my time between the ideals of the training environment and seeing it played out in real life, it came to my attention that things weren’t acting out the way they were “supposed” to.  Over the years, I’ve noticed some disturbing trends in policing and it has all lead me here.  

Though I was an English minor in college, it’s been a while since I’ve really sat down and written anything, and the first time I’ve ever written about the job. My friend had to show me how to use Twitter and as you read this, know that I’m writing it in Google Docs so that she can edit it for the Internet.  But, I feel as though I have a voice.  I have things I need to say.  Sometimes, I am going to piss off my fellow cops.  Sometimes I’m going to piss off the rest of the population.  But therein lies my biggest issue.  Those statements I just made segmented the population into two categories.  These two categories shouldn’t exist.  Cops vs. everyone else; us vs. them.  

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